GranTurismo 6 Pics

So I was playing with GT6’s photo travel and had some fun with it. The cars I used, Ford Mustang GT500 ’13, Ford GT ’06, and a Chevy Camaro SS ’69. They are a few of my favorite cars on the game. It may take a while for the images to load but give it some time. Some of them turned out pretty awesome.

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DSL and Hard Drive issues

Oh where do I begin… For about a couple of weeks now we’ve had issues with our DSL line, it started to slow down for a bit then randomly drop the DSL connection all together during which we’d call AT&T to report the outage every day that it drops for a significant amount of time. The time in which it would lose connection would go on for hours before it stabilizes and works correctly. This would happen at random during any part of the day and it seems to be somewhat affected by the weather. The wind can pickup and suddenly, no internet.

There is an overhead line in front of our house that appears stressed and sags a bit that runs our DSL and phone service. We’ve tried to get the tech people out to fix it and so far, not much luck. There was a day when a guy came out but all he really did was by-pass an underground cable. That helped get our speed back and stabilize the connection a bit but it still randomly looses its connection, sometimes briefly, sometimes for hours. I would make attempts to try to fix it but it doesn’t help if the problem is external. It seems to get a bit more stable as time moves on but if someone does something intensive, it sometimes takes a digital dump and dies.

Yesterday was interesting, coupled with the random service outages, we had a mini power outage that only lasted a couple of seconds. Unfortunately, I was unable to find the cause but it confused the DSL modem and did something to my home server that caused the OS to not be able to find my two sata hard drives I have connected to a sata to pci card. No matter how many reboots and cold starts, it couldn’t find it but the drives showed up in the bios. I ended up moving the card to a different pci slot and suddenly it worked. Funny how that works sometimes.

Feeling a little depressed

I miss having a girlfriend, at least she created a reason, a drive to leave the house and explore. She made me feel more human, more normal by society’s standards. I didn’t feel alone in the world with her. Now without a girlfriend, I feel alone and scared of the world. I feel like my existence is nothing more than a scribble on paper and a memory of those who love me.

I hate feeling this way but what do you say to someone who lacks the ambition to go out and make something of himself. If I’m constantly being fed depressing news about people getting arrested and/or shot for the stupidest reasons, why should I adventure out when I can safely stay home. The political drama that everyone seems to love is enough to cause me to not want anything to do with the real world.

I don’t like politics, I don’t follow any one specific religion. I try to avoid the local news but at the same time, I want to keep an eye on it or risk not knowing what’s going on around me. I don’t actively follow the weather as I just look at it as I see it, rain or shine, it doesn’t bother me. I go with what it feels like, if it’s cold, I put a jacket on. You can see the temperature by the effect it has on the things outside.

The people of this world, drive me crazy. I tend to avoid people for fear of human interaction or being touched unexpectedly. Why I’m like this, I do not know. I wish I was more open and confident in myself that I can do what I set out to do. Instead, I avoid large crowds if I can help it, I don’t talk unless spoken to. I lack the social skills that should have developed early in life when I was in school and should have never left public school for a small private one.

Every human interaction sometimes can be a bit nerve-wracking and stressful if I don’t know what to say. I can say I’m getting better but not as fast as I would hope, I don’t get out enough to get better at it.

Windows 8 Lock Screen Issues

For a problem so common there seems to be no valid solution for windows 7/8 home premium users. I’ve tried off and on to set my computer to not lock the screen when idle and so far, nothing has worked. I don’t use screen savers and the only setting that could possibly matter is I have my monitor set to turn off after 20 minutes or so. Research seems to point to group policy settings, something that doesn’t exist in the home versions, other web pages suggest the Mail App is to blame when connected to Gmail. I find it funny to think that this problem started when I upgraded to windows 8.1.

screensaver settings

Screensavers disabled

I didn’t have the issue in windows 8 and never heard of it happening in 7 unless you specifically tell it to lock the screen when the screensaver takes over. As you can see, it’s disabled and not set to lock. I’ve fiddled with the power settings, removed a power manager applet that was pre-installed that would reset my settings to default if I touched it. I don’t know what else to do for this random issue. That’s another thing, I can spend an hour configuring this and it stops locking the screen then a few days later, in between charge cycles, it’d start doing it again unprovoked. Why would Microsoft design such a pesky feature and not offer a way to disable it on a per computer basis?

Another thing that bugs me lately, that same power manager applet also would reset my laptop’s setting to not go to sleep when the lid is closed. I often close the lid during transport to protect it and make it easier for me to carry it but I don’t want it going to sleep when I don’t need it to. I treat my laptop as my desktop, everything my desktop does, it can do. I don’t need the desktop going to sleep after 30 minutes nor do I need the laptop going to sleep when I close the lid, I do allow it to sleep after a period of time while on battery to conserve the battery life but I don’t want it sleeping while plugged in to AC. I hope that wasn’t too confusing but I think I get my point across. lol

What do y’all think?